Supergirl coming to LEGO Dimensions


Supergirl coming to LEGO Dimensions

Lego Dimensions is a pretty genius idea - a base game which involves not only building Lego sets but also buying more and more of them in order to unlock new locations and abilities.

Almost a year on from release and a huge range of packs have already been released, ensuring that kids remain engaged and parents pockets remain empty. As the first 'season' comes to a close it appears the developers and publishers have a long term plan in place to keep the content fresh for at least another two years.

A listing on the Lego site which was immediately yanked suggests that the next character to be released could be Supergirl. That's certainly an interesting one to add, especially at a time when the NBC TV series is earning positive reviews, putting Superman's cousin back into the spotlight.

Eurogamer has a look at an instruction booklet for the figure.

Yup, that's definitely Supergirl, taking her place beside a menagerie of charcters from all manner of worlds which all seem to be working together through the magic of Lego. It's a pretty impressive lineup, and it's set to expand in the near future with more packs potentially featuring the likes of Harry Potter and E.T.

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