System Shock Kickstarter launches - demo out!


System Shock Kickstarter launches - demo out!

There are few games more seminal than System Shock. Though the 1994 original may seem incredibly clunky by todays standards, it has had a huge influence on the development of narrative games, RPGs and the industry as a whole. And now it's back.

Night Dive Studios previously worked on an Enhanced Edition of the original game and now they're planning a totally remastered version. The idea is to create a new System Shock with the same concepts driven by modern technology, and they need your help to make it happen.

The game has just arrived in Kickstarter and it's already looking excellent.

The storyline of the pitch is a little stretched but it's easy to see that this is a very ambitious project and one which wants to honour the original game while also creating something that feels new. It should help to earn the propery many more fans along the way.

The campaign is live now and it's already more than a third of the way to its $900,000 goal. At this rate they're sure to hit a few stretch goals with various ones on offer like and Mac version, more languages, a bigger story, more design elements and a full orchestral score, as well as a VR version.

Get involved for some pretty nice perks, including copies of System Shock 2 and the enhanced edition of the first game as well as the chance to be named as a victim on Citadel Station and a very cool and exclusive laptop.

If you're curious, you can download a demo on the campaign page right here.

System Shock Kickstarter launches - demo out! on
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