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  • Tag your mates… Frag your mates!
  • Tag your mates… Frag your mates!

Worldwide launch of Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta come 25 April
We know what you’re thinking: ‘It really has been too long since I rammed my trusty lancer’s chainsaw through an unsuspecting Locust torso…”
Anyone else wouldn’t follow, and likely think you deranged. Though we here at clickonline know the feeling all too well.

To combat this withdrawal, Microsoft has launched a new video diary, which kicks off the countdown to the upcoming beta, with key insights from the Gears 3 development team tasked with creating the most polished and balanced, not to mention gory and violent, Gears of War multiplayer to date. If Gears 3 is to be the swansong, best to make it a power ballad!

Epic’s Creative Director Cliff Bleszinski, Executive Producer Rod Fergusson, Senior Gameplay Designer Lee Perry, amongst other lead developers dissect why exactly makes their multiplayer tick, how they’ve sped up the gameplay since Gears 2 and why precisely the long awaited addition of Team Deathmatch is a game changer for Epic.

Powered by dedicated servers, the Gears 3 Beta opens publically on 25 April and will runs through til the 15 May for everyone who pre-orders the game from Gamestop, Smyths or Xtra-vision.

(Bulletstorm: Epic Edition owners will already have early access starting on April 18th. Via the game disc. Obviously)

Gears of War 3 launches worldwide on 20 September 2011.

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