Take a look at Evolve from the makers of Left 4 Dead


Take a look at Evolve from the makers of Left 4 Dead
Check out some in-game footage from Evolve, the next title from the developers who brought us Left 4 Dead. See the game from both human and monster perspective in the interactive trailer!

Turtle Rock Studios, the developer responsible for Left 4 Dead, has just released some new in-game footage from their upcoming title, Evolve. The trailer gives us a glimpse at what we can expect from the game from the perspective of both human and monster. In Evolve, players face-off in a one versus four format, with four human players cooperating to defeat the one player who has taken the role of Goliath the monster. The four human players play as one of four characters: Griffin the Trapper, Markov the Assault, Hank the Support and Val the Medic. Each human character is suited for a distinct role on the team and have to take advantage of their skill sets in order to defeat Goliath.

The trailer gives us a look at some of the primary skills that come with each role: eating and evolving for Goliath, laying traps and seeing monster footprints for the trapper, tanking and damage dealing for assault, providing back up and firing tranquilizers for support and of course healing for the medic. The trailer also provides some insight into one of the maps and the environmental hazards that come with it. Seems like a great recipe for some very tense gameplay. Reminds me of the Source mod called The Hidden, which similarly puts a team of players against a single monster. Check out the trailer below to get a look at Evolve, which you can expect to see available in the fall of 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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