Take Heed - Destiny is Going Offline Today!


Take Heed - Destiny is Going Offline Today!

Bungie and Activision had one of the biggest game launches of all time with Destiny back in September, and its a game that has earned legions of fans and become famous for not really becoming the game you want until you reach the level cap.

If you're still questing for that level 20 ceiling, today is not the day to seek it. Bungie tweeted to say that they're going to be updating the game and, given its online nature, you'll be totally unable to play it during that time.

In a post on their site they go into more detail on the update, which is mostly about increasing the stability of the online experience and some that are more about gameplay exploits.

The downtime starts at 7am Pacific time, that's 3pm on Tuesday the 7th of October in Ireland and the UK.

No Destiny For You!

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