Telltale on more Tales from the Borderlands


Telltale on more Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale Games might be better known for The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and it's upcoming Batman series but for my money their finest achievement to date was Tales from the Borderlands.

Mostly that's down to the zany sense of humour which the series brought, an element which has been mostly missing from their previous titles. Combined with an engaging world, great writing and strong vocal performance, it made for a truly fun title over five episodes.

Naturally, I'm waiting for news on a second season, and here are some words on the matter direct from Telltale's Head of Creative Communications, Job Stauffer.

Chatting to Twinfinite, Stauffer had this to say:

"We’re the biggest Borderlands fans in the world. Gearbox have announced that they’re going to continue and Tales from the Borderlands is the story canon between Borderlands 2 and wherever they’re going to take things next. I think the Vault Key is in their court and I think whatever is going to happen next to any of those characters, if you’re going to see them again, I think that is a question for our friends at Gearbox and we can’t wait to see what happens next ourselves."

A pretty definitive response, and one that puts the ball firmly in Gearbox's court. They do own the franchise and if the story is going to be more tightly tied to the events of Borderlands 2 this time around then it's going to take a lot of input to get things moving.

The language suggests that nothing is being worked on internally just yet and while that might not be true if it is we're going to be waiting awhile for the sequel as this kind of writing takes a good long time to get right. More updates as they happen.

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