Telltale's Batman game is broken on PC


Telltale's Batman game is broken on PC

Batman The Telltale Series has just debuted on a whole bunch of platforms, and it's looking like it's broken on some of them.

The game tells an episodic story of the caped crusader which will include time spent as both Bruce Wayne and Batman across 5 episodes over the next few months. It's a major project for Telltale Games, behind adaptations of The Walking Dead and Borderlands, and expectations were high from fans.

Unfortunately reviews in generally have been mixed and technical issues are marring some releases, particularly on PC. There are reports of extremely low frame rates and awkward resolutions over on the Steam page, and there's even an official message from the developers which confirms the issues.

"If you are experiencing performance issues, you may need to update the graphics card drivers to the latest available. If you are using a laptop, please use your dedicated graphics and not intel integrated graphics."

Choice reviews include:

"You should never, ever, preorder a video game"

"In its current state, it is unplayable... Buggy as hell and you cannot change the graphic settings."

And our personal favourite:

"I run better than this game and Im fat."

As someone who has played a lot of Telltale games over the years, technical issues are almost part of the feature set but it's something that was more forgivable in the early days, especially from a relatively small team working to challenging deadlines to release five or more episodes with few gaps in between.

Several years on and that just doesn't fly, especially when it comes to dealing with a blockbuster property like Batman and in light of fairly stable versions on other platforms. Telltale will likely issue a fix soon but it's fair to say these early reviews will damage the season as it goes on.

-Daniel Anderson

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