Telltale's Batman will have a multiplayer component


Telltale's Batman will have a multiplayer component

Telltale Games showed off a multiplayer mode for its upcoming Batman series. While that may be surprising, the approach the developer is taking is actually quite fitting.

In Crowd Play, groups of players will be able to play together, influencing the decision made in-game. There are two modes of Crowd Play available: Complete Control and Majority Rules.

In Complete Control, the host retains control of the choices being made, but connected players offer their input with the vote appearing on the host’s screen. Meanwhile, Majority Rules takes the decision made by the group automatically, similar to a Twitch Plays series.

When a host chooses Crowd Play, a URL is generated, which players can log onto and connect to the game.

Head of creative communications, Job Stauffer, told Shack News that the team wanted a better way to integrate an audience. "We are now turning all of Telltale's games into a live interactive multiplayer experience," he added.

It’s a bit too late for the playthrough of The Walking Dead currently being hosted by ALT Events in Dublin, which uses a custom-built app, but it should make it more straightforward to play with a partner or friends in the future.

Batman - The Telltale Series will premiere on August 2.

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