Telltales Game of Thrones Game Reveal PLUS Voice Actors Confirmed from TV Show!


Telltales Game of Thrones Game Reveal PLUS Voice Actors Confirmed from TV Show!

Not content to be behind The Walking Dead and Borderlands spin off games, Telltale is about to step into their biggest franchise yet with Game of Thrones.

Their episodic first season won't see you playing as the main characters from George R.R. Martin's book series or HBO's epic show - instead you'll play as members of House Forrester, with five characters spread throughout the kingdom as they try to survive these songs of Fire and Ice.

Here's the first trailer, which is light on details.

It does, however, confirm that some of the cast from the TV series will feature - there's Lena Heady asCersei Lannisterin the promo. Telltale has also confirmed that Peter Dinklageand Natalie Dormer will reprise their roles as well for a first season which begins around the end of series 3 of the HBO show. Other cast members will appear in future episodes.

The cross-over between the TV show and the game is encouraging news, and Telltale has a history of creating great stories based on other properties. Using the likenesses of these characters from the TV show is a little strange, but probably necessary to get the greatest amount of audience impact.

One thing which people have been pointing out since screenshots leaked last week is the supposedly low quality of the graphics. Honestly, I don't find it to be that bothersome - Telltale has a graphics engine which they use and while not the best around it looks just fine in actual gameplay. The issue here is possibly more to do with the fact that we have a live action version to compare it to - Telltale has always gone for stylised graphics (like in The Walking Dead) and this is not intended as a photoreal depiction.

There's no confirmed release date yet but Game of Thrones will debut on consoles and PC before the end of 2014, with six episodes in the first series.

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