The battle of the next gen exclusives


The battle of the next gen exclusives
Finally! A focus on games!
The three major console manufacturers have finally laid a couple of cards down on the table, so we have an idea of how the next generation is shaping up. We’re mainly concerned with the games and that’s often the deciding factor for buyers, so let’s take a look at the exclusives. More will be revealed in the coming weeks and we’ll provide in-depth coverage as everything unfolds.

Sony’s event for the PlayStation 4 focused on the system’s games and it’s a fairly impressive line-up thus far! Drive Club takes the racing slot and promises insane amounts of car and real-world detail. Indie developer Jonathan Blow (Braid) showed off his new puzzle-filled title called The Witness, while Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet) will continue its relationship with the news that the developer will utilise the Move controller as a sculpting tool.

Fans of action games look to be catered for. Sucker Punch will continue the InFamous series with InFamous: Second Son, telling the story of what happens when super powers and the power of surveillance collide. Killzone will return in the form of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Sony’s Studio Japan is developing a title called Knack, which puts players in control of a creature with an arsenal of abilities who is engaged in a war against a Goblin army.

Meanwhile, Bungie’s Destiny will feature exclusive playable content, while Ubisoft’s intriguing Watch Dogs will offer an additional 60 minutes of gameplay to download after launch via the PlayStation Network.

The Wii U’s launch line-up was a fairly lacklustre affair, but the expected franchises are on the way along with some added treats. Everyone’s favourite Italian plumber will lead the charge in a new 3D Mario title, Super Mario U, and a new Mario Kart. He will also feature in the upcoming Smash Bros. title alongside his nemesis, Wario, who stars in the mini-game focused Game & Wario. Two other long-standing franchises will make their returns on the Wii U with the releases of an as-yet untitled Legend of Zelda game and Pikmin 3.

Platinum Games has nailed its colours to Nintendo’s mast with the news that its superhero adventure, The Wonderful 101, and its more adult hack-and-slash Bayonetta 2 will be making their way onto Wii U exclusively. Nintendo recently agreed a partnership with Sega, which will see three new Sonic games released exclusively on Wii U: Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Sonic Lost World, and an unannounced title.

To the disappointment of many gamers, Microsoft only referenced a few games before focusing on every other feature of the Xbox One at its unveiling. We know that Forza Motorsport 5 will be a launch title for the console, that Remedy Games is developing a story-driven action game called Quantum Break and that Halo 5 will make an appearance. It was recently confirmed that Crytek’s first-person melee-based title Ryse will be an Xbox One exclusive, which comes as no surprise considering how much more powerful the Kinect sensor is set to be. Beyond that, we know that the Xbox One will have fifteen exclusive games within a year of launch, eight of which will be new IPs.

Microsoft announced strategic partnerships with Activision and EA Sports, giving Xbox One owners first access to DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts and entirely exclusive content for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

There are tempting prospects on all three consoles, but if you had to choose one, which would it be? Let us know in the comments section, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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