The Destiny Beta Also Includes a Level Cap


The Destiny Beta Also Includes a Level Cap

Bungie's Destiny has already gone through extensive public Alpha testing, and most of the gamers who got a chance to play seemed impressed with their hands on time.

One sticking point was certainly the level cap. Progression was limited to just 8 levels in the Alpha; which meant you could easily find material, guns and items which you simply couldn't equip. And it turns out the exact same restriction currently exists for the Beta, with the levelling capped at 8.

That's going to be frustrating for the new players, and even more annoying given the fact that most will have paid for the chance to play a good chunk of the game early - pre-orders were a key way to gain access to the Beta. There's a chance Bungie might open up the game a little more as the Beta continues.

For most players though, it will surely be reward enough to be playing the game so early and getting a good heads up on the multiplayer modes.

The Destiny beta is currently available only on PS4 and PS3 and runs until the 29th of July.

Destiny is on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on September9th 2014.

The Destiny Beta Also Includes a Level Cap on
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