The Division free beta out now on Xbox One


The Division free beta out  now on Xbox One

If you're still not sure whether you want to pick up The Division when it launches in March, now's the perfect opportunity to find out as there's free test version being released to all on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

This open beta is a way of testing the game ahead of release, with the developers releasing it to a large number of players so they can find out if everything is working properly for online play. Xbox One players are getting access to the content a full day early, and it's ready to play right now.

In the beta you'll find a major new story mission which is directly tied to the progress of your home base. You'll have to head out into the shattered world of a mid-crisis New York and find a character who will help you get the tech section of your base back online. They'll then unlock a new suite of upgrades for your character, including a very nifty looking gun turret.

We got the chance to play a chunk of The Division earlier in the year and it seems like a solid third person action title, with more story and RPG elements than we were expecting. So why not give it a try for free, and be sure to check it out on the other consoles from the 19th of February.

The Division free beta out now on Xbox One on
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