The Division season pass detailed


The Division season pass detailed

Ubisoft's The Division isn't launching until March 2016 but with a major beta currently underway on consoles and PC there's plenty of news surfacing on the title.

The latest has to do with the inevitable season pass, with the content to be delivered in the months after release. Ubisoft is promising three distinct DLC packs which will provide new gameplay content, extra areas and additional weaponry.

Expansion I: Underground
Expansion II: Survival
Expansion III: Last Stand

The first will take you to the New York City Underground, which we're betting is going to be pretty creepy. The second will be a seriously challenging fight and the last sounds like something you may not make it out of alive. Details are still pretty scarce but Ubi has said that those who pick up the Season Pass will get a constant stream of extra content including weapons and regular events. They'll also get a neat shotgun if the season pass is pre ordered before launch.

The extra content will be delivered for a full year after release so we would expect them to be fairly hefty, and the last DLC pack might not arrive until well into 2017. There's no pricing yet for the season pass, but it's likely to cost at least €30.

The Division launches on the 8th of March 2016.

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