The first exclusive Apple Watch game is Watch Quest


The first exclusive Apple Watch game is Watch Quest

With massive pre-orders and stock shortages, the Apple Watch launch is going to be a very interesting time for both the company themselves and every customer who is interested in getting their hands on the future of the smartwatch.

It's going to be big, there's no doubt about that, but we have to wonder how many of the people clamouring for the new device have actually spent any time thinking about they're going to do with it, especially considering the limited battery will only last for a day with a very minimal amount of use. Well now we know one possible answer is - playing games.

And now we have the first title, conspiciously named Watch Quest - Heroes of Time. You'll use the iPhone to select your hero and get the world set up and then transfer them to the phone where you'll be able to take on mini quests as you commute or try to ignore work at your desk. The spin makes it sound like in some cases you'll be able to start the game and just let it play itself when you get on with other things, which doesn't seem to satisfy many of the criteria of an actual game as far as we're concerned. Here's a bit more info featuring some terrible art.

We know its early days but that all looks like muck and it seems pretty surprising that Apple would want something like this at the launch of the Watch. That said, they do need content and trying to find any kind of game which will work with the limited interface of the Watch must be a challenge, we wonder what effect it will have on battery life.

The Apple Watch is available in the US and UK from the 24th of April, pricing starts at €399 and there's no confirmed Irish release date yet.

The first exclusive Apple Watch game is Watch Quest on
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