The first Hitman elusive target went like this


The first Hitman elusive target went like this

Hitman is a continuing exercise in releasing new content and hoping that people will bite. While the initial release went down well, it remains to be seen how that experiment is going to pan out long term.

Developers IO Interactive seem to have a great gameplan to keep the content fresh, including Elusive Targets - people you are tasked to kill in the main levels. The kicker here is that you only get once change at these fellows - if you miss the shot or they spot you they'll flee for good.

That's a really great way of capturing the feeling of being an assassin, and players have responded very positively to the first of these targets. Now we've got a breakdown of some stats around the exercise.

Some folks got through this challenge very quickly, and even managed to do it without being spotted once in a little over 30 minutes. Over half the players who attempted it passed the test, which means almost half didn't! You can be sure they'll be more careful next time.

It's interesting to see the highest scores on PC this time around, we'll have to see if the consoles can up their game for the next elusive target.

Expect plenty more from Hitman in the months ahead.

The first Hitman elusive target went like this on
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