The Last of Us Coming to PS4 This Summer?


The Last of Us Coming to PS4 This Summer?
Sony's Sercan Sulun quoted as saying game will hit next gen system very soon...

While it won't surprise most of you to learn that there's a new rumour circulating about the release of The Last of Us on PlayStation 4, perhaps the fact that the quote "confirming" it has come from a Sony executive might.

The company's Eurasian Software Market Manager Sercan Sulun has been quoted as saying that the hugely succcessful post-apocalyptic survival/adventure will be coming to the system as early as this summer, including all the DLC that launched for the PlayStation 3 version since its release last June.

With more than six million sales to date, The Last of Us has proven to be a huge hit with gamers, also managing to scoop up countless Game of the Year awards, and its addition to the PlayStation 4 lineup with improved visuals could certainly prove tempting for many - although how many people who already own/owned the PS3 version will purchase again remains to be seen.

The translated quotes attributed to Sulun read:

There is no information about a newThe Last of Usgame but I can share this knowledge; as of this summer, The Last of Us will be on the PS4. Both on PSN and physically.The PS4 version will also include the DLC so you will be able to play 'Left Behind' as well.

With no official clarification from Sony on the matter, it would be wise to take the news with a pinch of salt, but it's likely we'll see the game launch on the PS4 at some stage - summer or not.

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