The Last of Us Writer Says That Ellie Has More Stories to Tell


The Last of Us Writer Says That Ellie Has More Stories to Tell

Naughty Dog is far from finished with the world of The Last of Us and it seems like we might get to hear more about Ellie before too long.

That's if lead writer Neil Druckmann gets his way. Talking to MCV, he said that there's plenty more to tell from the perspetive of the young survivor but he doesn't yet know what form those continuing stories might take.

One possible option is to return to the comic-book medium, last explored with the mini-series American Dreams. That was where we first got to meet the character of Riley, who went on to play a major part in the Last of Us' DLC title Left Behind. Druckmann worked on the comic with author Faith Erin Hicks and he would definitely be interested in collaborating again:

"It was great working with her, helping flesh out Ellie and coming up with Riley.“I told Faith that if she ever wants to do it again for The Last of Us, there was a story between what happens in Left Behind and where the story starts, and I would do it with her.”

That sound great for fans of the series but we're holding out for a fully-fledged sequel which has to be in the early stages by now. Before that, there will hopefully be a big budget movie adaptation, written by Druckmann and potentially starring Maisie Williams as Ellie.

Whatever happens you can be sure that this isn't the last of The Last of Us.

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