The PS4 Pro is 4K and HDR and makes games prettier


The PS4 Pro is 4K and HDR and makes games prettier

The PlayStation 4 has already been out for nearly three years, so it's time for a change.

At least that's what the powers that be would like us to think, so they're introducing the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Essentially it's the same console which will play the same games but with boosted innards which are designed to push your graphics up to the mystical realms of 4K and also deliver the latest High Dynamic Range visuals.

HDR is all about rendning highlights and darker areas in more realistic ways. It's actually a pretty hard thing to demo but here's a very cheery Panasonic video which shows it off.

You'll need a TV which supports HDR to take advantage of that, and the same goes for the promised 4K resolution which some games will be capable of. Even if you're using your bog standard 1080p TV, PlayStation 4 Pro will deliver better frame rates and more detailed graphics.

Older titles are being updated for the new system, going as far back as The Last of Us and many games will be patched to look better, presumably for free. Of course there will be new games as well and the word is that the Pro and regular versions will cost the same and work across both systems.

Here's a look at a few including more detailed graphics.

The Pro will also stream 4K video from the likes of Netflix and YouTube via dedicated apps but oddly won't play 4K blu rays. Considering the format was started by Sony this is a pretty strange thing to leave out, but maybe it's a general comment on the future of physical media.

It's not totally clear how the release of the Pro is going to pan out. It feels like a long game for PlayStation, a device that's really keyed towards those who are upgrading to 4K and HDR which is something that likely won't happen for a few years. Maybe it's too early for the console but the relatively low price point means that it could be presented as a form of future proofing for anyone considering the PS4.

At the same event, the PlayStation 4 slim was announced. It's smaller, lighter and curvier and looks pretty great and it will be out on the 16th of September with pricing starting at €299.

PlayStation 4 Pro is out in November, priced at €399.

The PS4 Pro is 4K and HDR and makes games prettier on
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