The Steam autumn sale is here and huge!


The Steam autumn sale is here and huge!

Steam has all the games, and now a lot of them are on sale.

The Autumn sale has just kicked off, and it's being billed, a bit obscurely, as the Exploration Sale. This is presumably because they want you to root around to find some of the best offers, which will also give you a chance to ooh and aah at their new layout, which is a little bit less stuffy than before.

Still, the main page has plenty to show off and it will be updated everyday until the 1st of December. Here are a few great deals we've spotted so far.

Life is Strange ep 1 for €2.49 - plus money off the season pass
The Beginners Guide is down to €5.39
Skyrim Legendary Edition down to an amazing €7.49
Valve Complete Pack just €23.24 for 24 games

A handy way to make sure that you get notified of offers is to add games that you're interested in to your wishlist. When they go down in price, you'll get a message in your inbox and you can grab that deal post haste. Unlike other Steam sales, it doesn't look like there are limited time offers here, just a load of great discounts running for the next few days, with over 8000 titles on offer.

Head here to get started.

The Steam autumn sale is here and huge! on
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