The Top 10 Moustaches in Gaming!


The Top 10 Moustaches in Gaming!
We celebrate Movember with a look at some of the finest digital 'staches in the business...
It is that time of year where the leaves are dead, winter is coming and men put down their costumes and grow moustaches. Yes, Movember has begun and some men will rock the ‘stache while others will try and fail. If you are looking for some Movember inspiration, you have come to the right place because this is the top 10 Moustaches in Gaming.

10) Victor Sullivan
Series: Uncharted
Sully’s moustache is pretty subtle, but it is hard to ignore. Always complimented with a Hawaiian shirt, and a cigar, Sully knows how to rock the 70s porn star look well into the 21st century. He might be going grey but his moustache demands respect.

9) Mario
Series: Super Mario

Mario’s moustache is probably one of gaming’s most iconic. He has been rocking the same look for over 25 years and he does not look like he is in any hurry to shave it. Although the jokes started to get old in Super Paper Mario, there is no denying this statement of manhood will be stomping Koopas for a long, long time.

8) Dr. Wily
Series: Mega Man

When Dr. Wily isn’t busy creating useless robots like Sheep Man (looks like the old idea well started running dry) or getting his ass kicked by the Blue Bomber, he spends his time not taking care of his moustache. That is not to say it isn’t awesome, this untrimmed mess is what distinguishes good and evil.

7) Old Snake
Series: Metal Gear Solid

Snake has been kicking ass and taking names for a long time, but it wasn’t until he aged horribly to realize the ‘stache may suit him, but its better late than never.

6) King Bob-Omb
Series: Super Mario Bros

As the king of the painting Bob-Omb Battlefield, King Bob-Om needs to show his subjects he rules with an iron fist. His moustache proves he is not only of royalty, but ready to dish out the pain.

5) Alakazam
Series: Pokémon

Alakazam has a few traits to set him apart from other Pokémon. His teleportation, and his spoons make him pretty unique, but his Fu Manchu makes him the one of the only Pokémon with facial hair, and that is awesome.

4) Captain Price
Series: Call of Duty

Love it or hate it, Call of Duty is home to one of the best moustaches in gaming. Armed with his Lee-Enfeild and his handlebars, Captain Price is always ready to kick some ass for his country.

3) Mike Haggar
Series: Final Fight (also in Saturday Night Slam Masters and Marvel vs. Capcom 3)
Mike Hagar is badass. He is a former wrestler turned mayor, and when things go bad for the city he cleans the street himself. While technically his moustache is more tame than the rest of the top five, Mike Haggar drop kicked his way into number three.

2) Dr. Eggman/Robotnik
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman won’t be winning any humanitarian of the year awards (with the whole imprisoning animals to make robots thing), and he is probably in an incredible amount of debt having no job and a huge down payment on an aircraft carrier, and he may have his plans constantly foiled by woodland creatures, but one thing Dr. Eggman can be proud of is his giant moustache.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

1) Jinpachi Mishima
Series: Tekken

While technically he has a full beard, there is no denying that when he is not kicking ass, Jinpachi is probably adding copious amounts of hairspray to the spikes of death mounted to his cheeks. This is the ultimate tribute to manliness; it will go down in history as one mighty moustache.

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