The Walking Dead Season 3 teaser - Is that you Clem?


The Walking Dead Season 3 teaser - Is that you Clem?

Telltale Games hit it big for the first time with The Walking Dead game series, episodic adventures with intense and harrowing stories that told the tale of a different group of survivors after the zombies arrived.

The choice and consequences in the game were incredible to play through but the real standout particularly in the first season was the character of Clementine. Zombies and kids have rarely mixed together but the connection between her and Lee still brings a tear to our eye.

After she returned in a slightly older form for Season 2, we didn't know if we'd ever find out what happened next. Now, season 3 as been revealed.

Yep that's Clem - bigger and more badass than before, and this time missing a digit or so. There's not a lot else to go on other than there's an new fellow with her who is named Javier and they're both on some kind of rescue mission. Also she's in her early teens now (so time has passed) she's still wearing a baseball cap, because anything else would be wrong.

We have heard that you'll get to play as both of the characters in the game and your previous save data will carry over if you're so inclined. There no release date beyond 'fall 2016' so expect more news soon.

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