The Warriors HD coming out to play on PS4 now


The Warriors HD coming out to play on PS4 now

PlayStation 2 classic The Warriors was leaked as a possible HD re-issue just a few hours ago, and now it's officially out on the PlayStation Store in Europe.

The game originally released back in 2005 and featured a very impressive recreation of some of the films most iconic moments, often with original voice actors, as well as open world beat em up gameplay which earned the title plenty of fans.

It has previously come to the PSP and the PlayStation 3, so it's fitting that this ever popular game is now live on the PS4. It's part of the PS2 Classic series so it's not an actual remaster, instead offering upscaled 1080p visuals as well as trophy and remote play support. It's going to look cleaner but the quality will still be pretty much that of an 11 year old game.

Still, The Warriors looked pretty good back then.

The only bad news really is that Sony seems intent on keeping the pricing quite high for these classics. You can get The Warriors now in Europe but it costs a pretty hefty €14.99- considering how old the game is and how often it has been reissued, as well as the fact that it hasn't been remastered, this seems a bit steep.

Grab The Warriors on the PlayStation Store here.

The Warriors HD coming out to play on PS4 now on
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