The Witcher 3 has a Game of Thrones Easter egg


The Witcher 3 has a Game of Thrones Easter egg

Players are spending hundreds of hours exploring the universe of The Witcher 3 and completing missions and side-missions. Even after all that, there are still some hidden treats to be found.

It’s possible to find a Game of Thrones Easter egg if you’re willing to do a little exploration. Don’t worry; there are no spoilers related to the TV show or books here. Well, unless you’re not quite up to date and don’t want to hear what characters have survived, that is.

Peter Dinklage may have sung triumphantly about Tyrion Lannister surviving in the series so far, but he hasn’t had the same good fortune in The Witcher’s world. PC Gamer found his corpse in a ‘sky cell’ whilst exploring the island region of Skellige.

They wrote, “Desperate to milk the last drops of adventure out of The Witcher 3, I decided to explore some of the areas of the map the main adventure hadn't taken me to. Out in the oceans off Skellige, I found a fort inhabited by pirates. Lots of pirates. Once I'd finished them off I went hunting for loot, but what I found was a set of prison keys. A locked door led to a cell that looked out onto the snowy ocean, and the corpse of a small person with a distinctive facial scar. RIP Tyrion.”

Here is a map showing where to find this Easter egg. You can see the player marker near the top left corner of the map.

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