The Witcher 3 has a new patch- all the details here


The Witcher 3 has a new patch- all the details here

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt may be a long way away from its May 2015 release date but that doesn't mean developers CD Project RED are done with it yet with a major new patch on the way.

Actually this will be the last big update the game is going to get while the team moves onto their next project, the intriguing Cyberpunk 2077. Before that though a number of fixes and tweaks are still in the works for Geralt's latest and greatest adventure.

The full list of changes is over here but some fun stuff includes a new look for Vimme Vivaldi- that's the dwarven banker who you probably got your money changed with in Novigrad.

Roach's missing tail has also been located, though you might have to change saddles to have her posterior accessory reappear, and there are tweaks to some controller issues as well as a bunch of fixes for specific quests.

As someone with more than 100 hours in the game on PlayStation 4 I have to admit to seeing very few major bugs, with only one quest kicking my out. That's a price I'm willing to pay for the many dozens of hours of adventuring, slicing, dicing and chatting in one of the most incredible game worlds ever created.

There's a full game of the year edition of The Witcher 3 out on the 30th of August which collects all the DLC to date. If you've missed the game so far, now your chance to catch up on one of the years best.

The Witcher 3 has a new patch- all the details here on
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