The Witcher 3 new patch incoming plus find out how to limit that nasty fall damage!


The Witcher 3 new patch incoming plus find out how to limit that nasty fall damage!

The Witcher 3 is a great game but people are still having trouble with CD Project RED's open world masterpiece.

Thankfully, the company is responding quickly to issues, with a number of patches already released and more on the way.

It has been confirmed by CD Project's Marcin Momot that the 1.03 patch for Xbox One will go live by Friday the 29th of May and it should finally fix that major issue when players couldn't save their game, as well as locking the frame rate at 30fps for smoother gameplay.

Momot is the community manager for the developers and he's been doing a great job on the official forums of keeping everyone as informed as possible. He has also mentioned that the 1.04 patch for PS4 is in the works and will be available as soon as possible and it's going to fix some of those issues people are having with the small size of text in the game:

"The next patch (1.04) should contain fixes to the quest bugs you guys have been reporting and an increased subtitle size."

Again, great to hear though we don't have a confirmed release date yet for the next PS4 update.

In better news, Momot did take to Twitter to answer one very important question. If you've been playing the game you may have noticed that Geralt suffers massive falling damage - anything higher than a couple of feet and he'll lose a huge amount of health, with minor falls easily causing him to give in to the sweet embrace of death.

For a rock hard monster hunter, it's pretty embarrassing but it seems there's been a solution in the game all along - just keep on jumping! Or so says Momot:

Bizarrely, the game never mentions this as a solution but we've been doing some testing and surely enough if you find yourself about to take a dirt nap, just hammer that jump key over and over and hope for the best. We've seen a massive reduction in damage taken, even from decent heights and this could save you the trouble of a lengthy reload or the embarrassment of triumphing over an impressive foe only to stub your toe and bleed out for no reason.

The Witcher 3 is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. And it's really good, despite the bugs.

The Witcher 3 new patch incoming plus find out how to limit that nasty fall damage! on
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