The Witcher 3 patch is here - Blood and Wine fixes abound!


The Witcher 3 patch is here - Blood and Wine fixes abound!

The Witcher series has always had its share of bugs, and players pretty much got along with them because the underlying games were so compelling.

Wild Hunt was the most ambitious title so far and came with its own host of issues, and developer CD Project RED has been working hard to stamp them out over the last year and more since release.

Now that the final DLC pack is out for the world to enjoy, the company is moving on to new projects, including Cyberpunk 2077. But that doesn't mean they're leaving The Witcher entirely, with a new patch just launched for PC - mostly focussing on issues with the new content in Blood and Wine.

It's going to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One soon and you can get a look at the full changelog here. We have to say that we're going to miss those floating bodyparts after an explosive death, they were kind of fun.

A sample, there's a whole lot of Roach, and what looks like a fix for a money grabbing exploit:

Patch 1.22 - Changelog

Fixes issue whereby Corvo Bianco upgrades would not complete if players left Toussaint while an upgrade was in progress.

Fixes issue whereby Roach would not move during the quest "The Warble of a Smitten Knight."

Fixes issue whereby body parts would sometimes remain suspended in mid-air after an enemy exploded.

Fixes issue whereby the game could crash after meeting the knights from the "Envoys, Wineboys" quest

Fixes issue whereby players could knock down horses.

Fixes exploit whereby Aarding a beehive towards the dwarven blacksmith in White Orchard was possible.

Corrects Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone credits

Fixes issue whereby Roach's tail could vanish

The Witcher 3 patch is here - Blood and Wine fixes abound! on
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