The Witcher 3 patch out now on consoles


The Witcher 3 patch out now on consoles

The Witcher 3 is done, but that doesn't mean a few tweaks aren't still in order.

CD Project RED has released the latest patch for the game which fixes a whole bunch of issues because this is an open world game and sometimes your horse teleports on top of things.

This patch debuted on the PC last week and tried to fix some things without breaking other things, that must be a really tough balancing act in a game of this scale and complexity. Now it's available on the PS4 and Xbox One. See the full list of changes right over here on the official blog.

Personally, I kind of liked when body parts remained suspended in mid air after an explosive kill. It felt like a feature, a warning if you will to the rest of the enemies to not mess with Geralt of Rivia.

I was less interested in bugs that stopped me from finishing missions.

-Daniel Anderson

The Witcher 3 patch out now on consoles on
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