The Witcher 3 sales make it the biggest game of the year so far


The Witcher 3 sales make it the biggest game of the year so far

It was always clear that The Witcher 3 was going to be big, with more than 1.5 million copies pre-ordered ahead of the May 19th release date and now its actually out, it's causing quite a stir in the charts.

The game has become the biggest Irish and UK release of 2015 so far, comfortably beating previous top title Battlefield Hardline by more than 50 percent.

Physical copies are predominantly being sold on PS4, with 63 percent of copies on that platform compared to 32 percent on Xbox One and 5 percent on PC. That's an indication of the continued spread of PlayStation hardware and was no doubt influenced by the slightly higher visual quality on the PS4.

Wild Hunt may have been on top, but the epic delights of Farming Simulator 15 weren't too far behind in second place on the video game charts. Which is pretty bizarre when you think about it.

The Witcher 3 is also selling well in markets like Japan, with the PS4 version again topping the charts for local retailer Tsutaya.

It all bodes well for the game to become one of the biggest selling of the year, and it's also sure to be one of the best reviewed.

Get The Witcher 3 on PS3, Xbox One and PC now.

The Witcher 3 sales make it the biggest game of the year so far on
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