The Witcher 3 world map revealed - and it's one big mother


The Witcher 3 world map revealed - and it's one big mother

We've already heard that it could take as long as 100 hours to finish upcoming RPG The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt so it's not surprising that the game map is going to be fairly big. But now we've got a glimpse of the scale of the landscape you're going to be traversing as Geralt.

And it is mighty...

Gamespot got the chance to pop over to the offices of developers CD Project RED and here's what they saw. And yup, the presenter is totally Irish fella Danny O'Dwyer. Who has a pretty cool job.

Danny gets to spill the beans on the nature of the map - which has a smaller prologue area and a much larger central part of the Northern Realms where you'll spend most of your time. There's a huge variety of landscapes to visit and kill things in and that's before you take in some extra islands off the coast and a smattering of unique locations where some as yet unspoiled supernatural stuff goes down.

This Gamespot video is one of the best behind the scenes at The Witcher we've seen yet and there's another third part still to come - if you're interested you can also spend some more time with the game and Danny O'Dwyer here in the first part of the video series.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is on PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 19th of May 2015.

The Witcher 3 world map revealed - and it`s one big mother on
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