The Witcher Does Some Babysitting in newest Wild Hunt Gameplay Footage


The Witcher Does Some Babysitting in newest Wild Hunt Gameplay Footage
As ugly swamps go, it’s a damn pretty ugly swamp

A snippet of the larger hands off demo shown to press at E3 2014, this latest gameplay clip is a simple, linear fetch quest in which Geralt tries to coax information from a demon child thing by finding the lad his voice.

That said the footage does show off some key systems. Firstly, the inventory screen. Aesthetically, it’s overhauled from Witcher 2. It’s clearer, Geralt’s real time appearance is front and centre, vital statistics are clearly labelled. You can see what’s equipped and where at a glance. Decent design here.

Conversely, the dialogue trees haven’t been touched. Or at least, those shown don’t seem to differ from the almost universal form aped in countless other RPGs. Little else to say on this matter. Geralt is a bit more convincing though, in terms of animation, dialogue and voice work. This bodes well considering the much publicised length of the campaign!

Finally the combat – while it looks at a surface level identical to the previous instalment i.e. one button combo strings punctuated by some slowed motion spell selection and implementation, subtle changes could keep things fresh. Geralt’s signs now have an AOE mode, the titular Witcher employs a handy evasive dash, and an attack interrupting backstab. Also there’s a ranged weapon slot. Whether or not it has a quick-fire option remains to be seen…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is inbound, landing on February 24th 2015for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And. It. Looks. Gorgeous.

The Witcher Does Some Babysitting in newest Wild Hunt Gameplay Footage on
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