The Witness made more than $5 million in a week


The Witness made more than $5 million in a week

The Witness has taken the world by storm, totaling over $5 million gross revenue in its first week.

Jonathan Blow wrote a blog post, which went into a little more depth than his previous tweets, outlining what he can and can't say, and telling us a little more about The Witness' performance to date.

Blow wrote that The Witness has sold "substantially more than 100,000 units" and has made more than $5 million in the first week. He revealed that this is "a good chunk more revenue in one week than Braid made in its entire first year."

One thing to note is that these two titles have very different price points. Blow also stated that in number of units, "the first week of each individual platform handily beats Braid’s first week of sales."

While there's no doubt that The Witness is a success, Blow says it's not about the money.

"I want to make clear that we did not make this game in order to make money. We were trying to build a beautiful / interesting / intricate thing, first and foremost. The money just helps us stay in business in order to build new things. It is very easy on the Internet to read a financial posting like this cynically, so I urge folks out there not to do that."

The Witness is now available on PC and PlayStation 4. Blow is seriously considering bringing the game to Xbox One, Android, iOS, and OS X.

The Witness made more than $5 million in a week on
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