The Xbox One Finally Launched in Japan. No One Cared


The Xbox One Finally Launched in Japan. No One Cared

On Thursday the 4th of September 2014, the Xbox One went on sale in Japan. Here are the riotous scenes at the midnight opening.

I may not be entirely serious.

More than 9 months after it debuted in the States and a good six months after the PS4 arrived in Japan, the Xbox One has limped into stores. And reports suggest that people could just saunter up during regular business hours and still manage to be some of the first in the country to pick up on the console.

There are a number of possible reasons, not least the long delay - which Microsoft says was down to the difficulty of localisation. MS products typically sell poorly in Japan, with the Xbox 360 selling a fraction as well as the PS3. Few popular Japanese franchises appear on the big black box and the sheer size of the console is probably an issue for the close confines of many Japanese homes.

All in all, it bodes badly for the Xbox One, which has currently sold less than half the units of the PS4 - roughly 5 million to Sony's 10 million. And that's with a greater list of exclusives and arguably better games at launch. We'll just have to wait and see if a killer app like Halo can save this new generation of consoles.

The Xbox One Finally Launched in Japan. No One Cared on
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