The Xbox One S is out in August- looks natty


The Xbox One S is out in August- looks natty

Microsoft had a huge E3 2016, announcing a major new console release before the end of 2017 in the form of Project Scorpio but before all that it's time for the Xbox One S.

It's a smaller and neater console that packs in the same great power and actually a little more, bringing 4K visuals into the mix. This will be the first home console to offer 4K blu-ray playback right out of the box, and that's quite an impressive thing.

Here's the latest snazzy trailer.

We've just heard that the console will be out on the 2nd of August in 'selected markets.' At the moment we're assuming Ireland is included in that opening window, and pricing is expected to be around €400 for the initial 2 terabyte option.

It's a good deal if you haven't jumped on board the Xbox One wagon yet, and you'll get to see some games in high dyanamic range- provided you have the TV for it. August 2nd, 2016.

The Xbox One S is out in August- looks natty on
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