This Hack lets you play Pokemon Go in Ireland now!


This Hack lets you play Pokemon Go in Ireland now!

Pokemon Go is a crazy augmented reality game which allows you to catch actual Pokemon in the real world. Yes really. Kind of.

The app initially launched in New Zealand and Australia yesterday and has since been officially revealed in Japan and the US. For everyone else, there's a bit more of a wait involved - unless you're on Android and don't mind some minor hacking.

You can download the APK for the game now and get playing early. An APK is the file type which downloads from the Google Play store and some nice souls have uploaded a version of Pokemon Go online. We're not going to link directly to it but there's a version that's supposedly safe via Eurogamer.

Once you download click on the file and you might be warned about installing from unknown sources, this is ok in this instance and a handy feature to have turned on anyway. So long as you don't download dodgy files all the time.

Then you can install and play, apparently local areas already have all the data you'll need to seek out those funny creatures in the 'real' world. We have been hearing a rumour that the developers could blacklist those who downloaded early but it's not confirmed at this time. Also be warned - it's a real battery hog.

There's no confirmed release date for Ireland yet but it should be officially on iOS and Android soon. It's free with microtransactions.

This Hack lets you play Pokemon Go in Ireland now! on
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