Those deadly old Disney games like Aladdin are back!


Those deadly old Disney games like Aladdin are back!

Disney's Aladdin came out all the way back in 1992 and was pretty much an instant classic, while also pioneering the use of computer generated imagery in animated films and giving us an amazing Robin Williams performance to marvel at.

It's great and you should go watch it again but children of the 90s have another reason to remember the name Aladdin, and the word might cause a sympathetic twinge of pain in your thumbs. That's all down to Disney's Aladdin which was made by Virgin Games and exploded onto the Sega Mega Drive in late 1993.

And good golly gosh was it hard, with the floating genie hands and the jumping and slashing and hoping not to die before you got to the cool bit with the flying magic carpet. Remember?

Well now you can relive the pain with a perfect re-release on

Aladdin is back alongside the rather good The Lion King and less memorable The Jungle Book in versions that aren't about fancy new graphics but rather pitch perfect reissues that work on modern PCs without any hassle. Each game costs €9.99 on its own or you can get all three for a shade over 20 quid right here.

Just remember, these good old games are surprisingly hard core, and your older digits might not be as fast as they once were...

Those deadly old Disney games like Aladdin are back! on
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