Three seasons of Hitman planned- many more murders


Three seasons of Hitman planned- many more murders

Hitman the game had a rough launch with plenty of confusion about how the content was going to be delivered to players but has been going from strength to strength ever since. Developers io Interactive decided to go with a 'season' approach, seven episodes adding up to one complete arc released a month at time throughtout 2016.

Together with frequent timed events and plenty of online interaction, they've built a strong community- and it doesn't hurt that the base game is a lot of murder-as-puzzle fun. If you've been enjoying it so far, there's plenty more to come as a full three seasons are planned.

That's quite a committment from the developers, especially as this is the first hint of more than a single season of content. It's also very ambitious, with levels and challenges issued on such a constant basis with very little down time for the developers.

Would season two potentially release in 2017? It would make the most amount of sense for maintaining momentum but it might be hard to hit that deadline. On the other hand if this is a second season rather than an entirely new game, no one would be expecting new assets or improved graphics or gameplay. It's the same game, just more of it so the development time would be less significant.

More importantly it would provide a constant revenue stream for the publishers, with some players dipping in for one episode or more, and others paying for all the content in one go. Currently, Bangkok is set for release in August 2016 with an American adventure coming in September.

Three seasons of Hitman planned- many more murders on
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