Titanfall 2 changes coming after fan backlash


Titanfall 2 changes coming after fan backlash

Respawn hosted a Tech Test for Titanfall 2 last weekend and “learned some valuable things,” according to a blog post.

It wrote that some changes have already been made and will be evident during the second Tech Test, while other changes will make it into the finished product.

One point that players were particularly unimpressed with was movement speed. Respawn explained that it changed player mobility to make firefights seem less chaotic. However, the developer has since revealed that it will be “tuning air speed and wall-running speed to be faster.”

Its initial change had the unintended effect of causing players to lose momentum when wallrunning. This has been addressed and Repawn says that “Players should once again accumulate and retain more speed when chaining wallruns.”

Another change made for Titanfall 2 was how players acquired a Titan. Players were rewarded for playing game mode objectives, but the team still wants to ensure that all players get their hands on a Titan. As a result, pilots will gain a small passive amount of Titan meter every few seconds, but are also to be rewarded for playing the objective.

Respawn is also tweaking the balance of Titans and will continue to look at these hulking beasts in the run-up to launch.

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