Titanfall 2 single player sounds great


Titanfall 2 single player sounds great

Titanfall was a lot of fun if you're into the idea of giant mecha sending hails of bullets at eachother (which we are) but the sequel is going to bring even more to the table with a full single player campaign.

It's a proper story mode with around eight hours of gameplay and it sounds like real thought has gone into creating an experience that's more than just a bit of extra content between multiplayer sessions.

The story focusses on a soldier called Jack (my name is generic) Cooper, a grunt who wants to be a Titan pilot but isn't allowed to make that step up. When he's left stranded after a crash on an alien planet, he's forced to team up with mecha BT-7274 to survive.

That's already a decent set up and various reports going around today suggest there's plenty more going on. That includes relationship building between man and machine via dialogue trees and some inventive gameplay where the two work together to conquer puzzles and combat sequences.

Here's a very neat new video.

It's sounding like there are elements of the relationship between the player and Dog in Half Life here, with a more obviously symbiotic element. Cooper is a capable bad ass outside the bot, and he'll be using stealth as well as shooting to get the best of enemies, but things really come alive when they're joined together.

The developers look at the single players as a way of drawing in gamers who might not be immediately interested in the high octane multiplayer aspect, and they're doing further by attempting to deliver a proper story- something that's still a rarity in the action genre.

Story is on the rise though, thanks to the proliferation of indie games with strong narratives and the developers of Titanfall 2 list blockbuster examples like Doom and Wolfenstein as being an inspiration for their mix of loud and quiet moments.

It's the idea of the relationship between Cooper and BT-7274 which will make or break this experience and we can't wait to see how it works out when the game launches in October, 2016.

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