Top 5 Mechanics GTAV Should Pilfer...


  • Top 5 Mechanics GTAV Should Pilfer...
  • Top 5 Mechanics GTAV Should Pilfer...
  • Top 5 Mechanics GTAV Should Pilfer...

... From Rockstar Games!
September 17th 2013 is Grand Theft Auto V day.
I suppose there’s a slim chance you were already aware of this.

And in many ways, GTAV represents the pinnacle of Rockstar’s achievements to date,
Largest map.
Sharpest visuals.
Most protagonists.
Crazy ambitious multiplayer.
Creative mission planning.
More jets.
Loads of jets.
All of the jets!

Danger Zone. Fly into it.
Danger Zone. Fly into it.Enlarge Enlarge

GTA V is a jolly amalgamation of all that’s gone before, Bully’s hobo boxing and Manhunt’s snuff filming notwithstanding.
But in the wake of Saints Row IV (and its relentless, merciless pursuit of compelling gameplay) perhaps it’s starting to look a little too.... sombre.

And given 90% of consumers will purchase with the sole intention of venting their every anarchic yearning upon a convincing simulation of urban tedium, this could be something to address.

Mercifully, we’ve already thought of some solutions. Or more pertinently, Rockstar have! Here’s hoping they remember...

5. Vehicular Weaponry – Midnight Club
Given the fact GTAIV cars handled a lot like cargo containers precariously balanced atop rusty skateboards, ignorance of the fact Rockstar actually do produce a noted arcade racer series is easily forgiven.

Indeed, Midnight Club has been lauded for tight, responsive controls in a sandbox environment. So it might be an idea to port those over to GTAV, and sharpish!

VroomsEnlarge Enlarge

But why stop there? If Midnight Club was willing to slap a potent electromagnetic pulse emitter onto the undercarriage of its vehicles, why should GTAV be denied to opportunity to short out electronics in every vehicle over a radius of fifteen metres?
Certainly wouldn’t hurt that five star wanted rating...

4. Kill Cam – Max Payne
Let’s not kid ourselves. GTAV will be a violent undertaking. No matter how meticulously you plan those heists, regardless of how many AI specialist teammates you hire, bodies goin’ hit the floor.

This isn’t Dishonored.
This aint Deus EX.
This is GTA V and you gonna cook some fools!

So why not do that in style?

Re. Style: Disregard wife beater and scalp
Re. Style: Disregard wife beater and scalpEnlarge Enlarge

To say nothing of Max Payne’s substance, it had style coming out the wazoo. Be it gravity defying bullet time sequences or diving prone while twin machine pistols vomit searing lead, there was a decided elegance to the ultra-violence.

Nowhere was this flair more evident than in the slow-motion, bullet tracking, face-smushing kill camera. But given the expanded arsenal at your disposal in GTAV, grenades, rockets, cars, jets, a dedicated Kill-Cam is just the excuse psychopaths-I mean, gamers need to get a little creative with their carnage.

3. Melee Combat – The Warriors
A gaming adaptation of a cinematic release does not a fun time make!
Unless you hand it off to Rockstar and leave a few decades between productions...

The Warriors is nothing short of a joyus brawler. It boasts meaty grappling, gory environmental takedowns and makeshift weaponry. With so many artistically brutal hand to hand avenues available, the absence of ballistic weaponry is hardly missed.

By contrast, and at our most generous, the melee combat in previous GTA iterations could be described as an elaborate practical joke.

Slapping some sense into GTA melee
Slapping some sense into GTA meleeEnlarge Enlarge

There is a dissonance here. And given it’s the same development house, I’m not sure why...

2. Dead Eye Targeting – Red Dead Redemption
Shooting in GTA titles has been improving incrementally. But Rockstar’s gun slinging has never been so fine as it was in their great frontier epic.

Sure, what else did the Wild West have going for it besides genocide?

Now, not all of RDR’s mechanics would transition neatly into the modernity of Los Santos. And while I think it would make a perfectly snazzy mini-game, there are fewer and fewer instances where a quick draw duel seems realistic. A sad fact of the contemporary age.

How the West was won
How the West was wonEnlarge Enlarge

However RDR’s Dead Eye mechanic is ideal bedlam fuel!
If painting a clip’s worth of Winchester ammo onto the heads of a half dozen horseback outlaws was fun, then what’s the appropriate adjective for mapping the trajectory for eight RPGS before even squeezing the trigger?

1. Dialogue Trees – L.A. Noire
I do not, even for an instant, mean to imply L.A. Noire got this one right. But imagine, if you will, a GTA title in which DIPLOMACY was as viable a tool for objective completion as ASSAULT RIFLE or KAMIKAZE JET?

Even with the four previous gameplay suggestions, if GTAV is even half as big and populated as the promotional material would have us believe, the rigors of combat will eventually wane. In this instance, the opportunity to ‘rap things out’ would certainly freshen up proceedings.

Hi, I'd like to speak to you about MISSION OBJECTIVE 7
Hi, I'd like to speak to you about MISSION OBJECTIVE 7Enlarge Enlarge

Alternatively, if that’s too flowery for you, how about the opportunity to intimidate your targets? Hire hit squads so you keep your hands clean? What about extorting clients, bribing the police or blackmailing anyone damn fool enough to obstruct your meteoric rise to criminal emperor?

If this is to be Rockstar’s last great attempt to define a generation, surely they should address what made it so great to begin with.

And that’s not bullet time, contextual takedowns or cinematic presentation.
It’s choice.
It’s all about choice.
And jets.
Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

This jet is not a jet
This jet is not a jetEnlarge Enlarge

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