Top trending horror games


Top trending horror games

Few gaming genres have the ability to truly fascinate us as much as a good horror game. Over the years there have been many impressive scary video games that range from early shockers such as Doom to the iconic Resident Evil.

So if you’re looking to catch up on the horror fun, here’s a recap of what you may have missed, along with some great horror innovations in the realm of online slots and virtual reality.

Great horror titles

Most PS4 fans will be in agreement that it was Until Dawn that really showed how the next-gen console was perfectly poised to deliver some truly horrifying gaming fun.

This horror adventure game made great use of the ‘butterfly effect’ narrative so that each trip to the spooky Blackwood Pines lodge would turn out a little different. And with some great visuals and atmospheric audio, this was a must for any horror fan.

But that’s not to say that Xbox One players were left without some fearful gaming action, as Dying Light delivered a terrifying zombie apocalypse, whereas Alien: Isolation won rave reviews due to its clever use of suspense as the player sneaked around an seemingly-abandoned spaceship set adrift in the cosmos.

Scary innovation

However, it’s not just the next-gen consoles that have been enjoying the gaming terror, as virtual reality advocates have been given a chilling glimpse of the future with titles such as Dead Secret and Affected showing how Oculus Rift headsets can provide a truly terrifying experience - and that’s not just the motion-sickness.

And even in the realm of online casinos, brands such as Mr Smith Casino have successfully implemented an air of suspense in their Mystery Joker game that is just one of these wildly-addictive slots games that features enough tempting bonuses to keep players interested, long after the witching hour.

Future horror

2016 already looks like a fantastic gaming year for horror aficionados, as the Until Dawn: Rush of Blood title is expected to be one of the first horror games for the Playstation VR console when it’s released at some point later this year.

And the early promise shown by the likes of Silent Hills will hopefully be revisited thanks to a Kickstarter project that looks to deliver the first-person survival game Allison Road that sees the gamer waking with no memory in a particularly spooky abandoned house.

So from simple online slots games to terrifying virtual reality innovations, it looks like 2016 will be a truly terrifying year.

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