Tracers Overwatch celebration is back with less posterior


Tracers Overwatch celebration is back with less posterior

Overwatch is a big first person shooter on the way from Blizzard - you know the massive company that makes World of Warcraft. Any new game from them is cause to celebrate, and this will be the first new franchise they've launched in pretty much two decades.

So all eyes are on the May release of the game, except when they're on the rear end of one of the characters. During the beta test running at the moment a victory pose by Tracer kicked off a bit of fuss. Basically people weren't happy about the sexualisation of yet another female character for no reason other than mild titillation. Here's the original version of the pose.

Yep, that's definitely a bum. People gave their feedback and Blizzard listened, removing the offending posterior and trying not to make much of a fuss about it. Which is only right and proper as the game is in the testing phase and this is where issues like these are fixed, based on feedback from the people who are actually playing the game and want to enjoy it with their kids without having to explain why a role model is shaking her bits at the camera.

So that all happened, and the world continued to spin. Now the company has added back another pose for Tracer, one which keys in more appropriately to the happy go lucky nature of the character. Here's an image from Neogaf.

Yes it's still a lady wearing skin tight clothing for no practical reason and the value of this entire issue is probably lost on many but when a company as big as Blizzard can listen to its players on this level, and in relation to a topic as pervasive as the oversexualisation of female characters, then a small victory like this is definitly worth celebrating.

Overwatch is due out in May 2016.

Tracers Overwatch celebration is back with less posterior on
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