Traverse TRAPPIST-1 in Elite Dangerous


Traverse TRAPPIST-1 in Elite Dangerous

Back in February NASA announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized terrestrial planets orbiting the ultra-cool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1.

NASA revealed that all seven planets could potentially hold liquid water, a key ingredient for life, but only three of the seven planets lie within the habitable zone capable of supporting life.

Following the announcement, Frontier CEO David Braben noted how Elite Dangerous’ Stellar Forge system, which builds everything in the game’s massive universe, had already created a system with very similar attributes in the same area of space i.e. seven planets orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star.

Frontier added the TRAPPIST-1 data provided by NASA to Stellar Forge and renamed the system in honour of the new discovery, and as Eurogamer points out, you can now visit TRAPPIST-1.

Check out the video below from YouTuber ObsidianAnt who takes a tour of the system.

Traverse TRAPPIST-1 in Elite Dangerous on
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