Twitch Adds Appeal Button For Flagged Audio


Twitch Adds Appeal Button For Flagged Audio
Twitch introduced an audio recognition system for videos available on-demand, but has added an Appeal button for those who feel that their content was unfairly flagged.

The system is “not yet perfect,” according to Twitch, plus it’s automated so errors are likely to occur. Now, those who feel that their content shouldn’t have been flagged, and therefore muted, have some comeback.

Twitch said, “We’re deploying an ‘appeal’ button for VODs that have been flagged for copyrighted music by the new Audio Recognition system. We recognize that the system is not yet perfect. We want to make this system as fair and unobtrusive as possible, and we greatly appreciate your help.”

CEO Emmett Shear said that they have no intention of flagging original in-game music, but are focusing on copyrighted in-game music that's in Audible Magic's database. In-game music is being flagged in some cases, but Twitch is working on a resolution and will unmute false positive flags.

Just as well. Otherwise, highlights of Just Dance or Dance Central Games could be quite amusing to watch…

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