Twitch helps fund chat-driven Choice Chamber


Twitch helps fund chat-driven Choice Chamber
Twitch recently matched funds to the Kickstarter project for Choice Chamber, which is a chat-driven game designed to be played while live streaming, much like the very popular Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Spurred on by the surprising popularity of the Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon, Twitch has just recently decided to match the total funds that have been pledged to the Kickstarter project Choice Chamber from developer Studio Bean. The Kickstarter campaign ends this coming Sunday and has raised over half of their $30,000 goal, which puts them well over that total when you factor in Twitch's generous contribution. According to the information on the Choice Chamber Kickstarter page, the game is set for a launch in December, 2014. Much like Twitch Plays Pokemon, Choice Chamber is a game for PC and Mac that is designed to be played while live streaming over Twitch. Using Twitch's chat window, Choice Chamber allows those viewing the player to contribute to the in-game action, letting them choose to either help or hinder the player. By typing in simple commands, the pool of viewers can essentially vote on what they want to happen in the game. In the small amount of gameplay that was revealed by the trailer, you can see viewers voting on several different scenarios, such as what type of weapon should appear in a chest, what power-ups the player gets or even executing special moves during boss fights. Studio Bean has said that they intend to include many more gameplay elements that will be modifiable by audience input. For those with no faith in their fellow man or those with a deep-rooted distrust in democracy, a single player, offline mode is available as well. Check out the trailer for Choice Chamber below!

Twitch helps fund chat-driven Choice Chamber on
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