Ubisoft apologies to The Division players with goodies


Ubisoft apologies to The Division players with goodies

The Division is in a spot of bother, with lost characters, messy exploits and a lot of frustrated players.

And Ubisoft knows that it's in danger of losing players amid the mess, so it's coming up with a way to apologise. For now, anyone who has experienced an issue is going to be targed to receive an extra 500 Phoenix Credits and 10 pieces of high end crafting material for free.

That's a nice token of goodwill, giving players the currency to expand on their higher level content (provided they're that far along in the game) and, more importantly, admitting that they've dropped the ball in recent weeks.

Additionally, each and every player who logs into the game this coming weekend will get an extra 150 Phoenix points just got getting back online. At the same time, the company is looking into punishing players who took advantage of an exploit in their recent Falcon Lost incursion.

Hopefully this is the end of the trouble for The Division, as it really is one of the better open world offerings around right now.

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