Ubisoft turn to the public for Assassin's Creed advice


Ubisoft turn to the public for Assassin's Creed advice
With another instalment in the Assassin's Creed franchise out of the way, Ubisoft has turned to the public in order to decide on a setting for an undisclosed future project in the series. Using a market research company, the publisher is eeking out public opinion on a number of different settings for a future Assassin's Creed title (although it is highly unlikely that it will be the next one, which will already be in development at this stage).

"Among the following propositions, in which of the following historical periods and locations would you like one of the next Assassin's Creed games to take place?" the survey asks.

The options listed are as follows:

"The violent conflicts of the Imperial Dynasties in Medieval China
The advent of the mighty British Empire during Victorian England
The culmination of the Pharaoh Reign in Ancient Egypt
The invasion of the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors
The confrontation between British colonists and native Americans during The American Revolution
The overthrow of the Tsar Empire by the Communists during the Russian Revolution
The Warlord Battles in Feudal Japan
The rise of Cesar's Empire in Ancient Rome"

For what it's worth, our money is on Fuedal Japan featuring at some point in the series... although the Imperial Dynasties could offer some really great settings.

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