Ubisoft warns of fake Watch Dogs reviews


Ubisoft warns of fake Watch Dogs reviews
‘Beware of fake reviews’ is the message coming from Ubisoft, as it announced that reviews are embargoed until May 27th, the day that Watch Dogs is released.

Ubisoft’s tweet read, “Hackers have attempted to infiltrate our system and post false reviews of Watch Dogs. All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27.” The tweet was potentially posted in response to an early review from WCCF Tech, which gave the game a 7.2/10. The site claims that it received a retail copy, though many are disputing this possibility.

Watch Dogs went gold on May 14th, while the review was posted on May 17th. While the game is not scheduled for release until May 27th, photos have emerged of games reaching stores in Brazil.

The review makes visual comparisons between Watch Dogs and titles such as Grand Theft Auto 5. It highlighted that the multiplayer element is seamless, but that the game modes are somewhat generic, while those who turn off the online option will have certain skills reset to zero.

Watch Dogs will be released on May 27th; expect to see plenty of reviews on the day, while some others may attempt to sneak out beforehand.

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