Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Work with PS and Games with Gold Versions


Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Work with PS and Games with Gold Versions
Big savings on offer through digital upgrade...

With the latest installment in the Street Fighter series, Ultra Street Fighter IV, set to launch on June 3rd, many gamers have been wondering whether or not they'd be able to simply upgrade from the "free" versions of the game offered through PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold.

PlayStation Plus subscribers had the chance to download the game as part of the services last year, however so far Xbox 360 players haven't had the game as part of the Games with Gold service - but that'll change in mid June when Super Sttreet Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is added to the service roster, alongside Dark Souls and Charlie Murder.

If users can wait a couple of weeks, they'll be able to upgrade their free version of the game to Ultra Street Fighter IV for a cost of just $15 - a saving of $25 over the full retail price of the game.

Capcom has confirmed that all versions of Super Street Fighter IV and Arcade Edition will be compatible with the digital upgrade option, which is great news for fighting game fans.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is set to be the final installment in the SF IV sub-series, and ads five new characters to the fray, bolstering the already jam-packed roster. In addition to the new characters, the game has received considerable work on a balancing front, and six new stages will also be offered. Those who pre-order the game will also be able to nab some additional costumes for the new combatants.

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