Uncharted 4 multiplayer info bomb lands


Uncharted 4 multiplayer info bomb lands

Uncharted 4 won't be here until 2016 but Naughty Dog will be keeping the hype ticking over in a big way thanks to a major multiplayer beta which launches on the 4th of December.

The company had a huge and comprehensive Twitch live stream for the new content yesterday, playing through new maps and showing off the multiplayer to their fans. The bits and pieces we've seen to date make it look like this is going to be a really fun mode, with over the top action that's a lot more engaging than previous attempts from Naughty Dog.

You can watch the whole 90 minute stream archived here. Stream begins at the 15 minute mark.

That opening trailer is a great sell for the mode, making it seem like a way to create mini-movie moments in the midst of combat chaos. And it doesn't hurt that there are really silly powers to play with.

There's a lot to get through in the stream, including two new mysticals - which are powered items drawn from the mythology of the entire series to date. The Staff of Ayar Manco sticks in the ground and reveals enemy locationsis a new mystical: upon activation a staff appears on the ground and pulses periodically, it reveals the enemy team locations and can be destroyed for a reward. Indra’s Eternity launches a dagger which slows down enemies within its radius, making them easier to pummel with bullets.

Cash is at the heart of the beta - you earn it for pretty much everything you do and use it during play to get new items and weapons. If you buy the same item over and over its price will go up, encouraging players to have a little more imagination in game. Or to just not die. There will be cosmetic items as well, lots of them. The beta will have a single mode (more in the full game) with matches lasting 12 minutes. That's plenty of time for mayhem.

And your beta progress won't carry over to the full game, which isn't a surprise really.

Sounds like a lot to look forward to, and the beta runs from the 4th to the 14th of December 2015.

Uncharted 4 will release on the 18th of March 2016.

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