Uncharted 4 releases early - copies now on eBay


Uncharted 4 releases early - copies now on eBay

If you just can't wait another two weeks for Uncharted 4 to arrive, you're in luck - the game has been released early by some retailers.

The first information suggested that Amazon.com had sent out copies early and some customers already have their games. It seems that the single player mode works just fine, though multiplayer won't - probably because the servers won't go live til launch.

Naturally, some folks have taken this early release as an excuse to make some cash, listing their copies of the game on eBay. Some are going for as much as £90 (€120) just so that people can play the game two weeks early.

It's likely that there are fans out there who will be willing to part with the cash to find out what happens to Nathan Drake in what is likely to be his last adventure, and that means there will be spoilers online soon enough.

One interesting thing to note is that it seems like the game was sent out to customers based on the original release date of April 26th. That shifted a while back to the 10th of May, and some retailers seem to have neglected to update their records.

There has been no word from developers Naughty Dog about the early release.

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